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I have a BS In Programming

Having coded in HTML, Wordpress, Squarespace, and many others, my favorite website builder by far is Squarespace. It’s templates are beautifully constructed, have excellent SEO, and there’s no free aps or security holes to break your pages. With 24 hour email response and livechat help, Squarespace is the best.


Here’s My Other Skills For Successful Content Marketing


For clever messaging
For analytics
For market analysis



What SEO specialists do behind the scenes to get you to rank is many things, but the basics include creating your meta tags, making sure your description tag has a story about WHY the person reading your snippet should even contact you, and ensuring that your website centers around an entire theme for semantic search technology.



As a controller at my law firm, with an undergrad in computer programming, and a professional photographer for a husband, my two general partners approached me to design their website, and to learn SEO and Online Marketing. They had been through three web designers, had no designs that they liked, and they were hearing about how important SEO will be in the future. They pushed me to do this because of my degree and computer experience. At that time I was one year into my three year MBA program and at first resisted, until they made me such a sweet deal that I took a five year break from my MBA to learn SEO and design.

I became obsessed with SEO, and it turns out I was pretty good at it.

I applied my new found knowledge with them for six years (And then finished my MBA). Then I took the knowledge I had learned through them to design and optimized my husband’s website. Once he began ranking he was getting inquiries nearly every day. It was then that I decided to do website design and SEO for myself. It’s a passion of mine.

Everyone should find their passion.

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