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Semantic Search Technologies Are Getting Topical

With the sophistication of semantic search technologies, the old days of keyword research and designing content around it are dying.  Small business can compete by staying current on market trends, and creating a voice that responds to the underlying reasons a consumer wants to purchase your goods or service.  Answering questions about your topic should make you the winner! (Read more about semantic search by clicking on Semantic Search )

SSL - Secure Links

If your old website is not using SSl, it's time now to implement it. You can tell in your website URL address whether it's SSL or unsecured by reviewing your website address.  Unsecured reads like this:  HTTP://www.....  Secured is HTTPS://www....Purchasing a secure link certificate is not expensive, and is a good way to boost your website in the search engines.

Subdomain VS Subdirectory

Even as far back as 2014 there was a lot of debate about whether to use subdomain or subdirectory for your blog.  The experts are now saying subdirectory in the way to go. To simplify, subdomain looks like this blog.www.whysallweb.com.  A subdirectory looks like this. Https://www.whysallweb.com/blog, where the blog behaves like a folder.  Because a subdomain behaves like a completely separate website, your business doesn't get all the link juice from your blog.  To learn more, read this article by Blogging Flail. 

Video SEO

Many seo forums are looking to video for the future of SEO.  With the marketing trends heading toward video YouTube is video content king, and it's still free.

User Content

Creating user content that is worthy and link worthy.  No longer is it necessary to have long user content.  What matters more is how users like and interact with your content.


Schema tags are increasingly becoming important in 2018.  It is becoming a focal point with achievable results in the organic section of seo.

Vertical Search

Vertical search looks beyond the home page of your website to get a cohesive voice for relevancy for the searchers results.  Understanding your type of content is what the search engines are looking for to serve the most relevant page.  This is form of semantic search.  Read about semantic search.

Mobile Importance

Mobile speed and responsive design are ever more important in 2018.  This makes having AMP technology more important than ever.  Our websites come with AMP.

Website design is so much more than just design.

Simple Clean Website Design. Solid Trusted SEO Marketing. Creative tested marketing messages. These marketing and design elements are what makes good website design and online sales. Strands Designs is here to help your small business online needs.

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