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Small Business 101: Understand Your Audience


Small Business 101: Understand Your Audience To Convert Sales

I wrote a blog post about a small business owner who was failing. Was his business failing because his product is becoming obsolete?  Or was it failing because he doesn't understand his audience. To see that post, please click on Small Business Failing.

Your audience is more important than your website

Without a clear understanding of your business base, your online marketing is futile.  It can be tricky to understand your audience for your small business, but taking the time to learn all about your audience gives you the key to a great marketing strategy.

Understanding your audience allows your small business to capture your customers' attention online.  Because of the diverse channels, and given the disparity in thinking between millenials and baby boomers, really getting to the emotions of their purchasing decisions will drive business your way.

The Better You Understand Your Market Audience behavior, the better you can do the following:

  • Market to them generally

  • Learn what online sites they are on

  • Get to the emotions of why they should buy from you, and then hand it to them in your well thought out website or landing page content

  • Understand the best time/day of the week to reach your audience

  • Learn and understand your audience sex, age, and location

There are loads of free tools to give online marketers the information they need to market your business.  If you don't have a $100,000 marketing budget that allows you to do in- depth expensive surveys, and focus group productions, then consider these tools to develop the best online strategies to get to your unique sales propositions.

Google Analytics -

Installing analytics on your website or landing page allows you to decipher demographic behavior such as audience age, the patterns they follow in their decision making process, and discovering the potential paying customer base.

Facebook Insights -

Facebook Insights break down demographics by tracking which of your posts that you put out there resonate the most.  Is it plain old text?  I've seen plenty of ads without any graphics that have a high conversion rate.  But, maybe video or graphics work better.  Facebook is a great platform for testing what day of the week or the times that convert the best on a budget.  

Stat Counter -

Statcounter works like Google Analytics by reporting patterns, such as search engines used, operating systems, countries, time and date of most viewed pages, desktop verses mobile search, how far down your visitor drilled with entering page and exiting page.  You set up bench marks, just like Google Analytics, and test the data.

Studying your audience demographics helps you to categorize your market segment.  If, for example, you notice that 80% of your business is from woman who live 50 miles away from your location, you can target your ads or website for this information specifically.  You may even change the entire appearance of your website to make it more "Female Friendly" with pastel colors and more feminine photography.  You would design your website more conservatively for female baby boomers than for millenials.  Understanding and implementing the data you have been collecting will lead to more products being sold.

Knowing Your Audience Helps You Compete

Knowing who to market to, and testing where to place your marketing messages on your website will make all the difference in converting your web pages to sales.

Read a little article about a man I met whose business was failing, and the ideas to save it through clever marketing.  Save-Your-Business-with-clever-marketing


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