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Audit Your Website To Increase Ranking

Whether you need your current website audited to determine its best performance and seo cohesiveness, or even if we design your website, an audit is necessary to discover potential problems that can affect your ranking.

Title Tag

Does your website have a title?  The search engines use the title for keywords, and to display in the SERPS (search engine results page).  You don't want the title to be your business name.  This is used for consumers who have never heard about you, and are looking for what you sell or service.

Title Size

Your title should be limited to 60 characters as a general rule because most search engines typically truncate it to that.

Title Relevancy To Web Page Content

How relevant is your title to the page that is served by the search engines?  This ratio measures the relevancy, with the higher the relevancy the greater your page has at ranking.

Description Tag

Every page on your website needs a description tag.  The description should also be relevant to your content, but this is where you can get a little creative.  You need to make your sales pitch here.  There is where you give your viewers a reason to click on your site.  This too is limited in size, from between 80 to 320 characters.

Robots File

The robots file allows you to restrict access of the bots to specific pages and directories.  You can also tell the bots here where your site map is located.

Site Map

The site map is a listing of your pages and links so the search engines can find them.


Headings range typically from H1-H6. They are used to visually break up your content for scanning a website.  Headings are usually different sizes, and sometimes different fonts.  The search engines use them for clues about your content.  You should have as a general rule only one H1 tag per page.  Too many headers on any page can be considered spam, so we look at the ratio of headers to content on a page.


Many seo specialists say content is king!  Lately there's been talk about that not being so.  It's well written and visited content that matters regardless of amount.  We try to keep the content at least to 600 works per article.

Content Size

If your content size is too large it will make loading your website slower.  Trying to keep your website size below 1MB is recommended, but is difficult with a lot of images.  Minimizing javascript and photos is necessary to control the content size.  We like using tiny PNG to minimize file size of photos.  The average website takes 5 seconds to load, and anything longer than that is missed opportunity.

Alt Image tags

Inserting alt image tags not only helps the blind understand what your image is about, naming them with purpose is another form of SEO optimization.


Studying your top keywords from your content to the title, your description, and your headings influences your ranking in the search engines.  We will study this ratio and make recommendations or adjust our content in an audit of keywords.  We are not looking for density so much as whether your top keywords are in all three for maximum results.

Anchor Text

When you create internal or external links, special naming of them increases your visibility. You want a friendly url naming structure that is relevant to your website.

Study the Usability of Your Website

By now your website should be responsive and not a separate mobile site.  One area of responsive design is view port.


Viewport is where your website specifies the size of the page being served to the browser.  

Media Queries

Media queries is a rule to specify the style rules for media types and devices.  

Language Tag

This defines the default language for a given website.


Where does your website rank and how many inbound links do you have? We look to see if Google declares your website to be safe and not a spammer, nor phishing, or filled with unwanted software.

Website Speed

Website speed is king, and loading too slowly will not only make your visitors jump, it will penalize you in the search engines.  Ways to increase speed include keeping the file size low by minimizing images, caching images, and minimizing javascript.


Is the server technology concealed? Do you have email address on your site in plain text to get spammed?  They should be hidden behind buttons or links.  Is your website SSL secure?  Are your URLS using page not found messages or redirects for a deleted page?

Whether you need your current website audited for performance, or whether we design your website and implement SEO, a website audit is necessary to fins any problems with your website.

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