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Linda Pelton Realtor

Linda Pelton, Realtor


Linda has a thought out marketing approach.

As a real estate agent she has to market to both consumers purchasing a new home, and consumers thinking about selling their homes.  This is two separate markets.

Segmenting The Website

Linda segments two audiences: Sellers and Buyers

They each have totally different concerns. To combat this we have a buyer’s guide, and a seller’s guide at fingertip reach within the navigation at the top. Within the home page we listed the top 5 concerns for sellers and the top 5 concerns for buyers for those who like to read the home page.

Highlighting her experience

Linda’s real estate distinction is that she has not only realtor experience, but she has extensive real estate knowledge within the title industry. She’s handled both commercial and residential real estate transactions for over 20 years.

Call To Action

Lastly her calls to action are visible in the navigation pane, and throughout every page on her website, including her individual blog posts. This easily allows consumers to contact her from every angle on her website.

Professional and sleek styling from great photography

Hiring a real professional photographer is central to her beautiful design. The photos were courtesy of Whysall Photography.

It’s only just begun being live so updates to follow on its success.


Thanks for looking!

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