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How To Market Online To Millennials


How To Market to Millennials online

My generation of baby boomers are so yesterday.  Millennials are taking over and are the largest living generation in US history.  These savvy consumers, now ages 16 to 36 are redefining our economy as we have known it.  The change is making marketers nervous about understanding this often misunderstood generation.

Marketers cannot afford to avoid marketing to millennials

Millennials are currently the largest spending generation in the US.  Investing a little time to learn this complicated generation, the generation of my children, is worth the effort.  It all goes back to knowing your audience to convert to sales.  To learn about understanding your audience, please read my post understanding-your-audience.  Your small business needs to grasp how millennials think so you can reach out and win their business.  How young people engage with your small business can improve your bottom line with smart marketing.

Being different or original is the new cool

Insightful entrepreneurs and small businesses mustn't just try to sell to millennials.  They must show their authentic brand personalities in all their glory.  Present yourself exactly as who you are and how you are different to gain millennials trust.  Making your services or products compelling, engaging, and relevant to millennials is second to showing your personality and your authentic tactical ways to market to millennials.

Lets look back over US History

According to Wikipedia, by 1982 (our millennial generation) only 662,000 home computers were in American households.  Back then computers were mostly used for playing games or in the world of academia.  By the late 1980s many mass merchants sold video gaming systems such as Nintendo, but no longer sold home computers.  A full ten years had gone by, and computers were to be avoided in order to sell gaming systems!  The computers sold by IBM started getting competition from IBM clone machines, but gaming systems still avoided selling computers.

Today, technology and computers have become an integral part of millennial life.  Computers are ingrained in and used almost every minute of the day for millennials.  Millennials look up information at their fingertips on their smartphones.  Digital is the new storefront, making TV, Outdoor, and Radio advertising secondary.  This means a good website is now a necessity.

Having a well executed and thoughtfully crafted website is now a necessity.

Here is a list of marketing actions that should be implemented:

  • Make sure your website and landing pages are all mobile friendly

  • Leverage videos and information with sharable content on your website

  • Target market and track your marketing through tracking links, and social media remarketing strategies

  • Identify where your millennial leads are coming from, and the best performers, through analytics

  • Participate in social media

  • Most important, don't be all self serving

  • Find out why your customers chose you

A bad website will impact negatively on your brand.  Another important part in branding and online marketing in is reviews.  Think about it.  When you purchase a product or service online, what's one of the first things you look at once you decide you like the website?  You look for reviews of the product or services!

Understand the values that drive millennials

Millennials have values that drive them.  They are driven by businesses that show a softer side.  When your small business shows things such as bring your dog to work day, or sponsors a softball team, or touts itself as tutoring the disadvantaged, it can reach the millennials value systems.  

On your website showcase many how to blog posts and videos.  You will be seen as an expert, and as a caring business in the cold world.  Make sure the millennials feel informed, not marketed to.  You can do this by inviting your followers to an event sponsored by you, or do a day of service in the community.  Then take the photos from these events and post them on social media to bring it around full circle.  

Not finding ways to be engaging with millennials by expecting millennials to "grow up" and do what we have always done will cost you business. 

Don't insist that millennials get with it and toughen up.  Realize their purchasing power and adapt your business strategies or you could end up like the old Nintendo boxes....dusted and gone..

Simple Clean Website Design. Solid Trusted SEO Marketing. Creative tested marketing messages. These marketing and design elements are what makes good website design and online sales. Strands Designs is here to help your small business online needs.

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