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Common Website Problems For Small Business


Common Website Problems For Small Business

Many small businesses or start ups don't have the funds for an expensive website and marketing campaign.  It's understandable.  You need to invest in inventory, labor, and all the other tedious methods of running your small business.  So you go to a free website design template, and create your own website.  These are the common problems with websites created by the owners of small business.

Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Having a responsive design is an absolute must for your business to compete online.  Having an older, free template that does not respond to various sizes, such as Desk Tops, Laptops, Notebooks, and mobile phones is killing your business marketing efforts.  You should make sure your free template has a responsive design.  Google includes this as a search ranking necessity.  As mobile searches are the wave of the future, don't miss out on the mobile opportunity.

Your Website Marketing Messages Are Poorly Designed.

No one knows or understands your business like you do.  But, have you made your sales approach so clear that the viewer understands in 8 seconds what you are about?  8 seconds is the average time a viewer will sit on your page.  You need to grab them with a message that resonates.  They landed on your site because they want something you have to offer.  Don't disappoint them with sloppy or not well thought out copy.  You need to discover your unique sales proposition - get to the emotion behind what you do - and drive it home.  Your goal is to make sales, not have flowery language.  To see how I developed a marketing strategy for Whysall Photography, please click on Whysall.  This may help you create your selling voice.

Your Website Has Poor SEO

You are a small business selling a product or service.  It's not your job to understand or to consider SEO when you design your website pages.  But the SEO is what actually drives visitors to your website.  Without some basics, such as Meta Tags, Business Directories, Social Media, and a Linking Structure, your small business is invisible.  To learn more about SEO practices, please click on SEO.  This may help your small business compete.

Your Website Has No Analytics

You should have analytics installed on your website so you can study what works and what doesn't.  Two free analytic programs are Google Analytics, and Stat Counter.  Not understanding what pages are doing well or what is driving traffic to your website will cost you sales.

Your Website Has No Fresh Content

Your small business website should be built on a CMS Platform, such as Wordpress or Squarespace.  Small businesses that update frequently with engaging content will rank higher than business who don't update at all.  The best way to add fresh content to your website is through a blog.

This may all sound like a daunting task, when all you want to do is sell a few widgets or provide a good service.  

Simple Clean Website Design. Solid Trusted SEO Marketing. Creative tested marketing messages. These marketing and design elements are what makes good website design and online sales. Strands Designs is here to help your small business online needs.

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