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Common SEO Problems With Small Business Websites


Not having good SEO prevents your business from being found. These are the common small business SEO website problems:

Title Tag

A good and relevant title tag is important for search engines.  They will be the first thing users see in the search results.  Small business owners commonly either omit the title tag, or use the company name in the title tag.  This is a waste of SEO real estate, as the company URL defines your company name.  Don't put your company name in the Title Tag.  Put what your company offers so you can be found.  Limit your characters to no more than 52.

Description Tag

Your small business website is missing the description tag.  Meta description tags are commonly (but not always) used by search engines to display preview snippets of the given page.  Using good copy in the description tag is extremely important to get the user to convert by clicking onto your web page.

Heading Tags

Your website has no heading tags.  Heading tags define the most important heading on a page, and range from H1 to H6.  You should not have more than one H1 tag per page. 

Image Caching

Your website does not allow image caching.  The browser can save a copy of the images, stylesheets, javascript, or the entire page.  Because the browser doesn't have to download it again, it means your website will load faster.  Speed impacts SEO.

Site Map

The website has no site map.  A site map is a file that lists the pages of your site to the search engines.  Your site map provides valuable meta data to the search engines.  Metadata is information about a web page such as when the page was last updated, how often the page is changed, and the the links. Since Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Google use the same protocol, having a site map is the best insurance for getting a search engine to learn about your entire site.


Either there are too many external links, or there are no links. Links are a consideration for SEO.  Be careful with your external links,  Your external link juice ratio should be at least 50%. Search engines can compare linked text to the page being linked to for relevancy checking.  Screen readers are able to list all links on a page.  Too many external links can dilute your authority, which hurts your SEO ranking. 

These are the most common problems with small business SEO on websites. Hopefully this has helped your small business repair some unintended SEO damage.  If you start by fixing these common problems, you are on your way to ranking higher in the search engines.

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