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A Few Website Design Tips


Website Design Tips For Your Small Business

These are the things I think about when I am designing your website.  If you look back to the Greeks, they had a mathematical model approach to design, and good design hasn't changed since then.

The Rule Of Threes

I like to call it the rule of threes.  Never use more than three fonts, three colors, or 1/3 of the page for sidebars.  This is because we need to control where the human eye looks.  This is done with font size, image size, and color.  You get your visitor to pay attention to the more important areas ( sales propositions, calls to action, or contact info) through these rules of threes.

Keep The Options Simple

  If there are too many choices, your buyer won't be able to choose or find specifically what they want.  Selling large numbers of products requires careful planning with filters, such as ladies wear, mens wear, and so on, with carefully planned drilling down filters

Visual Images Can Make or Break Your Website

A properly designed photo communicates your idea much faster than text. I cannot over emphasize how important the visual images are that appear on your website.  You need a professional photographer capable of taking a concept with the ability to create an image that works.  When I send Whysall Photography into the field to do an advertising campaign for a website, I say to him, Get me a photo that shows how lightweight this product is, or get me a photo that displays how this useful product is barely noticeable, or get me a photo that shows how this product works on....He goes out into the field and gets the professional vision done very well.  In his case it's because he was educated in art at The Corcoran, and trained in the field by National Geographic.  But I need a professionally lit, composed photo so when visitors click on your website, they say WOW!

For instance, how can you get a simple set of cheesecakes to look like this?  This shot was done so well it IS the home page of Frederick Cheesecakes.

Pay Attention to White Space

White space, or negative space is also scientifically designed.  Too many images and text will keep your buyers from seeing your message, and too few might compel them away.  White space helps to keep your website clean looking and clutter free using the rule of thirds.

Simple Clean Website Design. Solid Trusted SEO Marketing. Creative tested marketing messages. These marketing and design elements are what makes good website design and online sales. Strands Designs is here to help your small business online needs.

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