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Is SEO Going The Way of The DODO Bird?


Is SEO Going The Way of The DODO Bird?

There's a lot of talk about Google being the enemy of small business because they increased the paid search ads from three to four.  So GONE is the free SEO real estate on Google for a mobile device.  This makes it even more exponentially difficult for small businesses to compete.  I think it's time we realized that Google owes us nothing, except to return the searches that are the most relevant.  Google is NOT the enemy of small business.  Google is our friend.  They are a free local referral service, and we should appreciate them, not begrudge them.  I think it's time all marketers faced it.  SEO is becoming increasingly difficult to manage, but if managed strategically we can still get business from it.   

This cannot be said enough times:

Write Compelling Ad Copy

Write compelling ad copy that gets to the emotions behind the purchase.  We need to know what drives the business our way.  Is it prestige, being the cheapest, having the best customer service?  Whatever is getting to the emotions behind our buyers purchase needs to be all over our website to close the sale. 

Plan For Mobile Ad Growth

Plan for an explosion in mobile website online search sales.  I can barely walk down the street without bumping into someone walking and searching their phone.  Let's say you are out at 2:00 in the morning, when you suddenly find yourself locked out of your car.  How will you find help?  You won't go to an Eighties telephone booth and grab the White Pages, flickering through for a locksmith.  You type in locksmith in your geographical area and the first two to three PPC ads pop up.  Everyone below is in trouble because the only way they will be seen is if I keep scrolling down.  Why would I keep scrolling?  I need help, and I need it NOW. All the free SEO listings won't work here.  But we need to have expert SEO in place to work in tandem with SEM.  To learn about SEM, please click on SEM Marketing.  An SEM, ( Search Engine Marketing) or PPC (pay per click)  strategy is cheaper than you may think for most small businesses trying to get its share of the economic pie.  It's a great way to compete locally with narrowly focused marketing.  

Narrow The Marketing Strategy

It's time we realized that we can't market for so many different things on one page.  Keep each page narrowly focused, specific, and again, appeal to the emotions behind the reason for being contacted.  I don't believe  a web page listing 100 different cities they offer their service in is effective.  Why do I care how many different cities you operate?  I only care if you are in MY CITY and offer me service for MY CIRCUMSTANCE.  Wouldn't it be better to have a page specific service with a specific geographical location? Then do an SEM campaign just for that page and location? Watch your conversion rates soar, and your costs to advertise through SEM PPC go down because you are addressing a very specific situation in a very specific area. I just love that for once in the history of advertising, we can truly measure it's effectiveness.

SEM Advertising Explained for the Small Business Owner

Let's go back to our locksmith company.  Let's say he has a main location in Washington, DC, which is also close to Silver Spring, MD, Takoma Park, MD, Kensington, MD, and Chevy Chase, MD.  Let's say she installs locks on new businesses, businesses that move, residential homes, safes, and people locked out of cars.   If you are a business needing your building keyed you only need a geographic location near and around DC, and you only need one theme, building locks installation.  This narrow ad only needs to run Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Because it's run on a separate landing page, Its directly measurable, and it's much more affordable then squeezing in all 25 GEO areas.

SEO is getting harder, but we will always need it.  SEM is the wave of the future, ESPECIALLY for mobile advertising.

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