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What SEO specialists do behind the scenes to get you to rank is many things, but the basics include creating your meta tags, making sure your description tag has a story about WHY the person reading your snippet should even contact you, and ensuring that your website centers around an entire theme for semantic search technology.

Online Sales Messenging

Finding your online voice is a matter of interviewing you to find your unique sales proposition, then comparing your message to the consumer wants and needs to serve them a reason to contact you. We need to research the local competition, find your voice, analyze the market, and serve web pages that give buyers a reason to contact you.

Website Design

Having coded in HTML, Wordpress, Squarespace, and many others, my favorite website builder by far is Squarespace. It’s templates are beautifully constructed, have excellent SEO, and there’s no free aps or security holes to break your pages. With 24 hour email response and livechat help, Squarespace is the best.


Our Experience


Our Experience


Over 30 years of progressive business experience including sales, marketing, finance, and accounting.

A BS in Computer Programming.



17 Web Design Features

For your small business

When we think about website design, we tend to focus on the graphic design elements such as animated graphics, different styles of typography, website background, and music. To have a successful small business website, these are the 17 most important features.


12+ Years Sales Experience

How to Increase Sales

How to increase sales for FREE with a little hard work. Why do clients want what you have to offer, and why would they choose you? Is there a viable market for your products or service you are offering? If so, where is is? What is it? What is the goal of your business?


30+ Years Business Experience

Save Your Small Business

I met”Guy” at a bar. Guy owns a custom blinds business. After 35 years he has so few clients that he may have to shut it down.  He'd tried everything with his website to encourage business, but no one is contacting him. Is his industry dying? Can he turn it around? I took his business card and promised to reach out to him with my ideas. When I did my research into his website, marketing messages, and analytics, I found a few things that could turn him around.


It’s More Than Web Design


It’s your business card 24 hours a day


Understanding Online Marketing


SEM is the total online marketing strategy. This strategy is both scientific AND visually creative.  SEO is simply a subset of SEM, and has become the buzzword for small business online advertising.

Here are the SEM Marketing Strategies in a concise nutshell, which are all also SEO:

  • Have a website that grabs your attention with powerful graphics and thoughtful messages that powerfully resolve your customers purchase needs - with a site map

  • Have a website with a good conversion rate

  • Have a thoroughly researched keyword list

  • Get your business included in local online directories

  • Have analytics on the web pages with a scientific evaluation of the effectiveness of the page

  • Have an internal and external linking strategy

  • Push for online reviews from your happy clients

  • Have a website that's easy to navigate and that is fully responsive (Shows the same on all devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile devices).

  • Have a Social Media Presence (Without trying to sell your business).

  • PPC ads - These are the ads you see at the top and on the sides of web pages. Without SEO the PPC ads would not be nearly as effective.

  • Have a website optimized for size to load faster to rank higher

To get a little more information for the small business owner who is trying to get an understanding of online marketing, please click on my FAQ.


October 2018

I used to pay $1,200 a month to be in a wedding directory. With Strands Designs I now rely solely on my website for all my photography sales.

Quote Source / Whysall Photography, LLC



People Need to find you

People need to respond to your well thought out marketing messages


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